Nkansah Rexford N.

Web Developer

I build cross-browser, mobile and web applications using primarily HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. Currently working on PackageToMe and KhoPhi.

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From the primary web technologies to frameworks such as Angular, Django, Laravel, Ionic to DevOps, to Firebase, to even how to tame a domestic cat.

@ anywhere, even Mars.

ForLoop Ghana
February 24, 2018

Progressive Web Apps - The Future, Now!

Skyline at Workshed Africa, Accra
DjangoGirls Legon
February 3, 2018

A Django Coach for the first DjangoGirls Legon event.

University of Ghana, Accra
Progressive Web Apps with Angular at #DevFest2017
November 25, 2017

A presentation on getting up and running with Progressive Web Applications using the Angular Framework.

DevFest2017, NIIT, Accra
DjangoGirls Koforidua Coach
November 10, 2017

A Django Coach for the first DjangoGirls Koforidua event.

Linda Dor Plaza, Koforidua
The National Digital Addressing System – The Technology Debate
November 7, 2017

Another engaging week of technology conversations on #CitiTrends continues the discussion on the National Digital Addressing System, this time with the technology as the main focus.

CitiTrends, CitiFM 97.3, Accra
Tech Leads Semester Web Programming Class
New Academic Year Semester, 2017

A web development course on building a production-ready progressive web application.
Happy to be lecturing the class.

Koforidua Technical University, Koforidua
DjangoGirls Accra Coach
June 16, 2017

A Django Coach for the DjangoGirls Accra event.

iSpace, Accra
IoT in Africa, Tech Leads
August, 2017

IoT in Africa in collaboration with Tech Leads.

Koforidua Technical University, Koforidua
Young @ Heart
July, 2017

Getting Started with HTML5

AngularFire2 Authentication

Presentation of AngularFire2 Authentication at DevFest2016

iSpace, Accra
Barcamp Events
2013, 2014, 2017

Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Project websites - Presentation and Breakout Sessions

ANU, Kama Plaza, Koforidua
Innovation Week

Presentation of Wikipedia and sister project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.



A new, shiny look and relatively faster KhoPhi's Blog, employing the latest in PWA, via Angular pulling data via REST from WordPress-run blog.khophi.co.


MenPha (Rebooted)

A Community-based gadget tracking platform. Is your device missing or stolen? Update it as such.
A communal effort to curb reselling of stolen gadgets.

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A simple and fast way to write and read what matters around the world.
Will be ready to launch, late December 2017.


Mobile Money Payments

A typical, open source use case of the Hubtel Mobile Money Payments API. Clients of the AlwaysOn WiFi get to top up anywhere anytime via Mobile Money.

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Enjoy WiFi, Today™

Access to WiFi internet in Koforidua just got better. Homes and or Businesses should, and can now enjoy affordable internet packages tailored and flexible for every possible need.



PackageToMe, a peer-to-peer delivery platform with a twist. Find packages to deliver on your way to Ghana or find travelers headed Ghana's way. Built using Django and Bootstrap 4.

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Unifi Guest Bundle Check

Allows guest users of the AlwaysOn WiFi to check how much bundle left per a voucher. Build using NodeJS and Express.

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Redesign: Sibton Switch Website

In collaboration with TheAfricanDream LLC, redesigned the website of Sibton Switch Systems, the organization with the mandate to implement and manage interoperable Switch Functionality system infrastructures for banks and non-bank financial institutions in Ghana.


YOLO Community

An unofficial platform for the You Only Live Once TV show series fans around the world to discuss the episodes and share lessons learned. YOLO Community is an instance of Discourse


AngularFire2 Authentication

A one-stop-shop to for all the AngularFire2 Authentication needs.

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Showcasing high-profile applications built using the Backend as a Service namely, Firebase from Google.

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Laravel Survey App

A Survey App built using Laravel 5. Create, edit, delete and complete surveys with questions. See how.

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Custom MaterialCSS

Customize MaterializeCSS and Download. Pick and choose the features you want or have the whole enchilada.

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StandPiggy App

A prototype app built for the Stanbic Bank App Challenge in 2016.

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TheAfricanDream Websites

Sharing the positive African story from an African perspective to the African audience and beyond.

For News Business


Let's log hours of power cut in our areas in Ghana, and gain insights.



Compare code snippets from different popular programming languages relating to simple solution.

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Dummy-image server made in Django for local development, and accessible online. Similar to Placehold.it.


Simple Weather App

This is a simple weather app, which upon load, asks user for permission to load GeoLocation and displays weather relating to user's location.

Den Hague


Religious Outreach, 2015

Den Hague

Den Hague

GLAM Wiki Conference, 2015



Wikimania Conference, 2014

Cape Town

Cape Town

Wikipedian in Residence, Africa Centre, 2014



Religious Outreach


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